2017: New Year, new me?


I have a love/hate relationship with New Years resolutions.

On one hand, resetting is something I thrive on. If some shitty guy has ruined my week, I’ll do a huge reset on Monday. Maybe someone pissed in my Cheerios one day; there’s always tomorrow. New Years is just a giant reset for the year that never lived up to my unrealistic expectations.

But lets face it, three weeks of smoothies and kale chips will almost always end up with eating an entire pizza to my face in one sitting. And abandoning my resolution completely falls closely behind.

My problem with resolutions is that they’re unmanageable. You’re not going to change your life, your body, or your habits overnight.

Don’t get me wrong, I love kale chips and green smoothies but a girl’s got to have some balance. I want my kale chips, green smoothies AND my pizza. Is that so much to ask for?!


The following are extremely vague resolutions you (and I) will probably make and ditch once February rolls around. BUT AT LEAST WE TRIED.

  1. Grow your own herbs (Well…try.)bp1gif2
  2. Drink less alcoholalcohol1
  3. Get fit!!!!catsquat
  4. Be kinderbp1gif3
  5. Eat betterbp1gif4

That’s enough lies for one day.

I can guarantee I will attempt these with minimal effort whilst complaining about my mediocre dating life.

Happy 2017!

– XOXO  K.

Featured image via essie 


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