4 signs your best friend is also your soulmate


Many people think the term soulmate refers exclusively to the person you’re going to marry . For me this is not the case. My best friend is my soulmate.  She is my ride-or-die and my partner in crime. She has become a part of my family and I a part of hers. She is an extension of myself; I could never live without her.


If (like me) your life is blessed with the existence of a person who fits these criteria your relationship probably looks something like this:

1. The two of you are a packaged-deal

People often joke about the two of you being a couple.  You do everything with this person. Your relationship knows no boundaries. There is no such thing as TMI between the two of you and you have both embraced this fact.


2. This person is always honest with you 

They never sugar coat the truth to spare your feelings. They care enough about you tell you things other people don’t. This person doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; they tell you what you need to hear.


3. If they’re in pain so are you and vice versa

You cry authentically with each other and you can feel the others pain. If someone breaks their heart they break your heart to. When they’re in any type of pain (physical or emotional) you are to and you’ll do anything to make them feel better.


4. They don’t fight with you; they fight for you

This person is overprotective of you and they always have your back. They hate your ex more than you do and they’re not afraid to show it. Simply put: if someone messes with you, this person will mess with them.


I am not qualified to tell you if someone is your soulmate or not. Only you can make that call. But if (like me) you feel a connection to your best friend in ways similar to these, that’s a big enough sign in and of itself; isn’t it?


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