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5 single girl essentials for winter


It’s that time of year again. Cozy looking couples will soon snuggle up in a blanket scarf at a Starbucks near you. Soon they will be flocking to the Distillery District to take a love-driven couple-y Instagram worthy photo. But you (and me) will be devising a list of excuses to feed your concerned relatives as to why you have yet to land a significant other.

Don’t worry! I’ve got your back.

Here are five single girl essentials to get you through this difficult time we like to call the holidays.

1. Wine


Red, white or rose? Take your pick! Grab a giant wine glass, pour yourself too much and get cozy with a blanket and some Netflix. Winter is perfect for alone time so feel lucky you don’t have to share a blanket… or your wine.

2. Vegan cheese

(Image curtesy of  Vegan Essentials)

What goes perfect with wine? Cheese! But opting for non-dairy cheese is better for the environment, animals and your health. Now that foodies run the world, you can find delicious vegan cheese almost anywhere. Dairy also causes acne for some and no body needs that in their life.

My favourite is Chao.

Here’s some light reading about the correlation between dairy and acne

3. A snuggie!


Just like having someone hug you but without actual human contact. An introvert’s dream.

4. Bath bombs


LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics around this time of year comes out with adorable, fun, aromatic and relaxing bath bombs that fizzle and turn your bath into a colourful painting. Bring your wine and “cheez” to the tub, toss in a bath bomb and prepare for the most relaxing night of your life.

5. A pet

(She loves me I swear)

Because a snuggle session on the couch is better with a furry friend.

There are thousands of animals in need of a loving home and the best companion is one that will show you unconditional love. Check out your local animal shelter if you think you’re ready and able to care for an animal in need.

Toronto Humane Society

Mill Dog Rescue

Remember, winter is the perfect time for relaxing. Take it easy and don’t worry about that awkward conversation you will inevitably have with your concerned Grandmother. Enjoy your wine, vegan cheese and Snuggie and remember to put yourself first this season.

What are your favourite winter essentials?


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