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Wildcats in the house: Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale take us back to 2006



1…2… 3…. run back to your DVD cabinet and search for all the HSM movies you can find because (drumroll please) SHARPAY AND GABRIELLA ARE BACK.


Sharpa- I mean… Ashley Tisdale recently had Vanessa Hudgens on her YouTube channel to collaborate on a song. Yes you heard that correctly. The duet we never had the chance to hear during the High School Musical movies masterpieces has finally happened.



I know what you’re thinking “I’ve waited eleven years for this”.


The duo sang the usually annoying  (sorry, not sorry“Ex’s & Oh’s” by Elle King. But this duet was anything but annoying. The sweet sweet voices of Sharpay and Gabriella made this song… ENJOYABLE.

Tisdale’s boyfriend (who you should ignore completely and picture as an adult Troy Bolton instead) played guitar and the result was simply magical.

So go ahead, let your inner pre-teen self out and give it a listen.


Thank you Ashley and Vanessa for staying all in this together and it shows when you stand hand in hand making our dreams come true… (Making our dreams come true…)


Featured image via mirror 

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