The 5 stages of falling in love with a complete stranger


I have a problem. I’m certain that I fall in love with strangers every single day. The barista at my local coffee shop, the guy working out beside me at the gym, even the girl at Sephora with the perfect highlight. Nobody is safe from the hypothetical love story my mind will create seconds after making eye contact with a complete stranger I find attractive.


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.  Scratch that. I can’t be the only one who instantly creates a dream future with someone they know nothing about.

Sometimes it’s their mind that draws me to them. The cute guy at the book store with the glasses reading some intriguing brain puzzling book that I’ve never heard of? Yeah, we’ve already purchased a cottage in Muskoka and frequently weekend there with our two children: Max and Ophelia.


Other times it’s their profession. That firefighter who always winds up in my building when the stoner guy on the 14th floor forgets he had pizza in the oven again – we just rescued a German Shepherd and he’s adjusting quite nicely.


But every time, no matter who it is, my mind always follows the same pattern. It goes a little something like this:

1. I try and guess their zodiac sign. 


Ugh, I seriously can’t date another Sagittarius. Can’t the universe bring me a Scorpio or Pisces?!

2. I imagine their name sounds good with my own. 


Krystal and Ryan? Krystal and Rodger? Krystal and Reece? (Apparently, I have a thing for “R”s today.)

3. I get caught staring at them.


And forget to look away when they catch me…

4. I think about going to talk to them. 


Side note: This will never actually happen.

5. They leave whichever shared environment we are in at that particular moment. 


Alternate ending:

5.1. Out of discomfort, I leave whichever shared environment we are in at that particular moment.



This is probably why I’m single.



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