5 ways to use being the “cute friend” to your advantage


My friends are 10’s. I’m not exaggerating or being kind either. All my life I’ve been surrounded by beautiful people.

Now, I’m not putting myself down here. I am a pretty confident chick. I often refer to myself as having a face of a 12 and the body of a 6.5, averaging out at about a 9 altogether (See, you have no need to worry).

But I have noticed that, as the short(er) friend with dimples, a big smile, stumpy legs and awkward tendencies, I have been subjected to being labelled the “cute friend“.


That being said, I’ve realized there are a lot of advantages to being the “cute friend”. Advantages that our counterpart, the “hot friend”, may not have the chance to experience.

If you’re struggling with your “cute friend” identity, I am here to help.

1. The cute friend doesn’t have to worry about being cat-called… as often as the hot friend.


Granted, this happens to literally every. female. ever. WHY THO?

2. The cute friend doesn’t have to worry about some scummy guy on the dance floor invading her personal bubble.


We can use our height to our advantage and scurry out of the crowd immediately.

3. The cute friend can get away with wearing some questionable clothing. Because of our quirky nature, we are not scared of crazy trends. It’s a blessing, really.


(With the exception of the wide legged pant. Who thought those were a good idea? Really.)

4. The cute friend makes friends very easily. Literally nobody is intimidated byΒ me. I’m not sure how I feel about this. But like… friends!


5. The cute friend gets to brag about her hot friends. This one may be my favourite. Ya’ll babes.


Lastly, if you yourself believe you are the cute friend, embrace your cute.

Other famous “cute friends” include: Zooey Deschanel, Amanda Bynes circa 2003, Gretchen Wieners, Miranda Kerr’s face (only her face), Maggie Gyllenhaal, etc.



Featured image via weheartit

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