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Scroll and stop: 5 Instagram accounts you need to follow right now


Ahhhh, Instagram…. The place where you can shamelessly post your selfies, where your crush can “secretly” like random girls pics while simultaneously claiming otherwise  (spoiler, guys: we can see what pictures you like and we’re keeping track) and the only social media site where you can follow anyone and everyone you want without total judgment.

I’m a HUGE fan of the gram, but I also know the endless hashtags and memes make it overwhelming at times. Too many times amazing accounts get overlooked and your feed ends up filled with pictures of Kylie Jenners butt. So I’ve highlighted some low-key, personal favourite accounts for you follow to spice up your Instagram news feed.

1._beautybysandra:  Makeup/Beauty 


If you’re into makeup and/or extremely beautiful ladies you NEED to follow this account. Beauty by Sandra will give you tips on how to achieve the hottest looks and the fleeky-est highlights. She lists the brands and names of the products she uses for any look. Following this account is guaranteed to have you running to the nearest MAC store to step up your makeup game.

BONUS: she posts video tutorials as her Instagram story – they only last 24 hours so go follow her now! Don’t miss out.

2.alexandriatolfa: Travel/Lifestyle 


Alexandria is just a little sun-kissed beauty queen. Following her account will have you turning your wanderlust into actual travel plans. Between her travel pictures and her phenomenal fashion sense – your newsfeed will most definitely be improved after tossing her a follow.

BONUS: This girl has the STRONGEST bathing-suit game in the league and she always tells you where she ordered them from when you ask!

3. andrew_gook: Photography


If you like cool pictures of The Six/T.dot/Toronto then why aren’t you already following Andrew’s account? Seriously his photography and photoshop skills are next-level. This is not your average Instagram account, all of his images are beautiful works of urban art. His pictures offer an overview of contemporary  Toronto culture – and his use of photoshop gives every image a unique twist.

BONUS: It’s just a really FUCKING AWESOME account and following Andrew is guaranteed to bring some culture and class to your feed (opposed to all the Kardashian selfies currently filling it up).

4. emilykcraven: Fashion/Lifestyle 


If you like beautiful dresses, chokers and sassy captions then go follow Emily RIGHT NOW! This account is guaranteed to give you some great fashion inspiration. Her posts are a mix of fashion, lifestyle and hot as hell selfies – following Emily will most definitely make your Instagram feed oh so much better.

BONUS: This girl is literally always doing something fun. From Leafs and Raptors games to exploring Toronto’s nightlife to hopping on plane to Miami – following her is sure to motivate you to get out and have some god damn fun (you deserve it!). 

5. _singleandstarving : US DUH! 


And of course, Single & Starving’s Instagram because we’re cool and hilarious writers who love wine, pizza and social media. Follow our Insta for a little bit of sass, a dose of laughter, and a whole lot of fab.

Follow these accounts and I guarantee you will no longer have to constantly see posts of happy couple after happy couple, but rather a solid stream of great material. Have fun ‘gramming it up!



Feature Image via andrew_gook 


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