L.O.V.E : Lets talk about self


One of my favourite quotes is We rise by lifting others. God damn, I love this quote, don’t you?


BUT if I asked you to list 5 things you love, is one of those things on your list yourself? It’s not? OKAY lets talk about self-love.

Lift yourself up. Rise. Call 2017 the year of YOU. Trust me, it’s not selfish. When you fill your vessel up it overflows and you share that light with others. Feel good about yourself. You deserve it.


I am so tired of self-deprecation. Guilty as well, it is a millennial tendency to bask in a basket of grief, complaints and “no fun.”

“2016 was shit”

“curent mood”


“The world is ending”

Honestly, find one f*cking lemon and make yourself lemonade cause it’s way too easy to sh*t on yourself and YOU are BETTER than that. You deserve the best f*cking glass of cold ass lemonade – might as well spike it too.


Ok, now for the cheesy part, repeat after me:

I am good enough.

I am smart enough.

And goddamn it, people love me.

SELF LOVE. I suggest making a list, make a list of things you would do to raise others up. Now make this list about you. Cheers to you. YOU are f*cking beautiful.

peace out,



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