Finishing kegs and crushing bottles of Bacardi: 4 reasons why going to a party school prepares you for the real world


I read an article today on Maclean’s titled Canada’s top party schools 2017. Of the 47 schools on the list my alma mater was ranked eighth. This revelation filled me with pride – hell yah I attended one of the top 10 party schools in Canada for four blissful (and blurry) years.

Going to a party school is something you should theoretically be able to brag about on your resume (I’m not drunk I swear). Before you disregard this statement, just try to keep an open mind and hear me out, okay?

The environment and people you are exposed to during college are unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before (or probably will ever again).

The situations you are thrust into require you to think on your feet (cops are here where do we hide these 8 kegs… into the wall they go). This is the place where you developed your street-smarts and everyone knows those are what get you ahead in the real world. Still don’t believe me?

Alright then, take a look at my defence:

1. You learn how to wake up feeling like complete sh*t and still appear to be a human for the day

Some people can’t make it through the work day without getting a good nights sleep. You, on the other hand, can go out the night before, black out, and still kill it (okay maybe not kill it, but you show up) at work the next day without hesitation.


2. You can step-up when needed

You’ve spent four years planning and participating in parties with the most dysfunctional groups of people you will ever encounter. You’ve stepped up in the most obscure situations (probably because you were the only one sober enough). How could a situation in an office with mature adults be harder than that? Answer: it couldn’t be. 


3. You can now tolerate anyone

Going to a party school means you’re going to be exposed to some of least tolerable people (have you ever met a frat guy in real life? …. I have).  Don’t worry though because there’s a silver lining –  you have built up an impressive tolerance for people’s bullsh*t. If this isn’t a skill that translates into the real world, I don’t know what is.



4. If you can wake up at 8 a.m. to take a shot, you can wake up at 8 a.m. and do pretty much anything expected of you at work

Let’s be serious, if you can muster up the energy to drink at 8 a.m. on St. Patricks Day after partying till 2 a.m. the night before, you can get your ass up for an early meeting after getting a solid night’s sleep.


And that my dear friends is a crash-course on how to justify all of the stupid decisions you made (or are currently making)  in college to your parents (or yourself) – you’re welcome 🙂




Featured image via @blairecoady 

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