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5 TV shows every millennial wishes never had to end


We all watched these shows religiously every week. As prepubescent or pubescent awkward teens we would gather in a group of our best friends, eat popcorn and obsess over the dramatic lives of these fictional characters. We would wait all week for that night when a new episode would air. Now, we can probably binge watch them on Netflix or buy the box-set on DVD but that doesn’t give us the same satisfaction or anticipation of a watching new episode live back in 2007.

1. The O.C


The most classic and iconic TV shows of GenY. I mean who wasn’t obsessed with following the glamourous and troubling lives of Kid Chino, Cosmo Girl, The Ironist and Little Miss Vixen?

Saying goodbye to a world where every problem was solved by being rich and beautiful. Where the beach was always in walking distance and where Seth and Summer were our actual relationship goals was something we all wish we never had to do.



2. One Tree Hill


I…….don’t wanna be anything other than what I’ve been trynaaa be latellllyyyyy…. We miss all the Naley drama, love triangles, and fake brothers. We miss watching people in their mid-to-late-twenties portraying the lives of high-school students.  We miss  waiting by our TVs every week for a new, dramatic, soap-opera-esc episode to fill an hour of our time.

Side note: Nathan Scott. That is all. 

3.Jersey Shore 


There was no greater time in our lives than when ‘Thursday’ was synonymous with ‘Jersday’. It seems like only yesterday we were fist-pumping along with Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie, Sammi & JWoww. Watching this ridiculously spray tanned group stir-up trouble on the shore every week was everyones guilty pleasure. We would patiently wait for Thursday nights. Every. Single. Week.

4.Friday Night Lights


CLEAR EYES. FULL HEARTS. CANT LOSE. Ugh I mean we really had no choice but to obsess over the Dillon Panthers.  This show had it all, drama, love triangles, life lessons, and hello… HOT AS HELL FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Thank you coach Taylor (aka D.I.L.F of the century) for teaching us endless important lessons and doing so in your deep, husky, sexy, voice.

We. Will. Never. Forget.  You. Tim. Riggins. NEVER


5. The Hills


Remember those Monday nights where you would stay up past your bedtime to watch LC and her crew stir up drama? Remember all of those vital life lessons we learned about fashion, friendship, love and life watching the greatest show MTV has ever produced? Remember day-dreaming about owning a black convertable and working for Teen Vogue?  It wasn’t the same after LC left the show – but still, saying farewell to The Hills is something we all carry with us.

(LC’s perfectly heartbreaking black mascara tear pretty much sums up how we all felt when the show ended) 


When these shows ended, we would turn off the TV and get into bed. We would lay dreaming of the luxurious lives and futures of our favorite characters. Then the terrible thing would inevitably happen: the series finale would be announced and we were forced to say goodbye to those dreams.

But don’t worry because it seems as though Greys Anatomy is going to be around for the rest of eternity!!!



Featured image via tumblr 

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