Hello, my name is ___ and I post gym selfies


Gym selfies get a lot of flack. For some reason, the act of posting a picture of yourself working out generates moderate to severe annoyance from much of the population.


Why does a “Monday motivation” Instagram post of someone in their cute workout clothes bring about such hatred? Such despisal? Such agony!? Are you so disappointed in your own workout habits that gym selfie shaming (it’s a thing) is the only way you feel better about yourself?

Okay, that was harsh. And I kind of understand the annoyance. What’s that quote? Something about working hard in silence. Unfortunately for me, trying to work hard in silence will consist of not working out at all (truth).


Alas, as you can tell, I am pro gym selfie. Nothing crazy. I mean, maybe when I have the abs to do so I’ll post a “shirtless Saturday” (just kidding Mom).

With the rise of the health and fitness industry, you can bet your bottom dollar that the controversial workout selfie is here to stay. If you’re a gym selfie hater, I suggest getting on board. There are plenty of reasons to hop on the gylfie train (Yes, I just made that up. You’re welcome).

Here’s why I am pro gym selfie:

They’re motivating. Not only are they motivating for others but they can be super self-motivating as well. When you’re down in the dumps and having a very unproductive week, you can look back at when your butt looked perky and your biceps had some definition and get yourself back in the gym. Ahh, the days.

They create an online support system. #fitfam #fitness #stronggirls #plantpower etc. There are a plethora of hashtags that will direct you to the online fitness community. More often than not, your own gym selfies will receive likes from strangers from the community who are perusing through the Instagram discover page looking for motivation of their own and supporting others.


Recognition. To add to my support system point above, sometimes recognition from others is the little push you need to keep going. Something so simple as a “like” or a thumbs up emoji can be just the affirmation you need to go go go!


Accountability. For me, this one is a big one. I have the type of friends who will call me out if I say I’m going to do something and don’t do it. That snap of me complaining about going to the gym is always answered with replies of “GO DO IT” and “YAAAS GET IT“.


So please. I beg of you. Keep posting those gylfies. If nothing than for the sake of my own personal motivation.

You the best!



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