10 perks of being single you tend to overlook


The dating life may be nice (this is purely speculation as I quite literally have no clue what it is like), but staying single certainly has it’s own perks (you can trust me on this one) that often get overlooked. We have all had those days where we feel like we’re the only single one in the world, but those days don’t always have to seem so dark. Being single doesn’t have to be synonymous with loneliness, here’s what else you can find when you’re flying solo:

1. Free-time

Relationships take up a lot more time than they appear to (more speculation on my part). You never realize how much time you could truly have to yourself. Take a long bubble bath, read a good book, watch all seven Harry Potter’s consecutively – do whatever you darn well please with your free time when you’re single because you don’t have to worry about anyone but your beautiful self. 

2. Less grooming

You can go weeks (months?) without shaving your legs or getting a bikini wax and nobody cares. (Same goes for your massive beard, dudes.)


3. Friend spotlight

Being single allows for the she-wolf packs to reunite and get back to all the best friend shenanigans we all know and love.

4. New crushes

I’ll be the first to admit it – new crushes are freaking FUN. There is no denying the feeling you get when you’re interested in someone new – the unadulterated excitement of getting a text from someone cute you met through a friend of a friend.


5. You get all of the covers

You don’t wake up freezing cold while your partner is snuggly wrapped in the warm blanket, like an inconsiderate burrito .

6. No emotional roller coasters

The biggest high-to-low a single person experiences is when their favorite reality show reaches a climaxing moment, then cuts to an untimely commercial break (NOOO WHO IS GETTING THE FINAL ROSE NICK? NEED.TO.KNOW.NOW)

7. Flirting

Flirting is permitted (and encouraged) and you don’t have to feel like a guilty, terrible person for doing it. Bat those lashes; give that wink and the gun… On second thought, I don’t think I am qualified to give flirting advice but odds are you’re better at it than me so just go get your flirt on.


8. Comfortable underwear

Let’s stop pretending double push-up bras and matching thongs are comfortable (they are not). Navigating the sea of singledom provides you with ample opportunities to go braless while wearing your comfiest pair of full-bum undies.

9. Netflix & Chill

You can freely Netflix & Chill without having to worry about looking good without looking like you’re trying to look good (ugh the struggle is so real!). You can wear your ugliest sweats PLUS you don’t have to worry about any interruptions that could pop up (pun intended) during your new binge (the OA is way too good for frivolous romantic distractions).

10. Self-love

Loving yourself is much more important than many people tend to realize. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Keep in mind, all accomplishments, small or large are progress in the way towards a better you!



So many of us are in such a rush to couple up, we never slow down and take stock of all the small things that make being single so damn wonderful. So next time you’re feeling bummed out about being single remember these 10 wonderful things that are exclusive to the singles the club!


Featured Image via @debiflue 



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