5 things that would suck without friendship


Happy national friend day!

There are high school friends, college friends, work friends, family friends, animal friends, ex-friends, frienemies… I mean I could go on.

Friends are funny creatures, aren’t they? Essentially, they’re just other humans that you decide to do stuff with because their presence makes you happy.

Sometimes, you take your friends for granted (sad emoji). So here’s a reminder of some things that wouldn’t exist, or be the same without friends.

1. Group chats

You can’t deny that waking up to 200 unread messages ignites a fire in your heart and some laughter in your gut. It’s like you’re constantly around each other even when you’re miles away. Unless you’re trying to make plans and no one is listening…




But honestly, where else can my best friends and I who are all across the world gossip about Corrine and complain about how boring Nick is as the bachelor?




2. Taking something not very funny way too far 

This might be my favourite thing about friendship. You can always be sure that at least one of your best gal pals will be there to continue being annoying with you.




3. Girl nights in (and out for that matter) 




Peer pressure is much more fun when it comes from your friends in the form of shots and bad decisions.

4. Group costumes 

WHAT IS HALLOWEEN WITHOUT GROUP COSTUMES? Different coloured crayons, party animals, the cast of Scooby Doo… Halloween is always better with group costumes.




5. Friendship reunions 

After some time away, coming together with your best friends is not only a good time but exceptionally therapeutic. Nobody knows you better than the ones who have the pleasure of seeing you happy as can be, about to murder something, or a sad little drunk baby.




Give your friends a big ol’ kiss today. Happy national friends day, pal.






feature image via tumblr

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