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The 3 best things about the Super Bowl that have nothing to do with football


If you’re like me, you have never really been into sports, at least, not watching them. Maybe you played a sport when you were younger and maybe you watched your siblings or your friends play a few games because you had to. But you’re not a die hard fan of any sport and you don’t really understand how people are.

Then the Super Bowl comes around, one of the biggest sporting events of the year. But if you’re like me you not only watch the Super Bowl every year, you actually enjoy (some parts of) it.  Here’s the 3 best things about the Super Bowl every non-sports fan lives for.

1. Commercials 

These commercials are pretty much the only thing that sustains you in between long boring intervals of football. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel all of the feelings. PSA: Stranger Things season 2 sneak peak is happening during one of these commercial breaks today!!!


2. Half time show 

This is pretty much the highlight of my year (every year). From Janet’s nip-slip to left shark – there is always something talk about for weeks (months) to come. This years performer is Lady Gaga so you can be sure something weird will that you wont want to miss will b going down. Still waiting for Justin Bieber’s performance, why has this not happened yet????? 




Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect excuse to eat all of the junk food food.  Pizza, nachos, chilli, doughnuts, chips….. ALL. OF. THE. JUNK. FOOD.



Happy Super Bowl everyone! GO (insert team name here) GO!

Feature image via @ladygaga




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