Thank you: an open letter to my ex best friend


Dear friend,

I used to think we’d be best friends forever (cheese), but honestly, I did. For years, we were inseparable – two halves of a single whole. I used to ask myself “what changed”? Was it really all my fault, like you made me believe?

I beat myself up about this for years, until I came to terms with our “breakup” and realized  we are fundamentally different people. I learned a lot about myself when our friendship began to dissolve, but I also learned a lot about you. You needed more attention than I had to give.

I see you around sometimes now, and I’m happy for you. I know things were hard in your life when we were falling apart because I was going through the same things. University, moving away from home, boyfriends, the inherent break-ups, and adulthood (no thanks). We went from the perfect bubble of a stress-free life into a very harsh reality that neither of us took to very well.

There’s no blame to be put on either of us in this situation. I don’t resent you, and I hope you don’t resent me. I do want to thank you though, because you taught me two valuable lessons:

1. It’s okay to admit that you have changed.

Hearing those words from someone close to you can be hard, but it’s important to realize that change is inevitable. Just because you no longer have the same views, interests, or ideas as someone close to you does not mean you are a worse person for it.

2. Goodbye’s don’t have to be forever.

Things got very ugly, very quickly between us. I was heartbroken, and I wasn’t sure I could even face you again. But now looking back on it all I’ve realized we’ve both grown so much in the past couple years and we’ve silently reconciled our differences.

So…. thank you, thank you for the years’ worth of memories. We’re growing up and it makes me happy to see you succeeding. I would not be where I am today without you. You pushed me in our friendship, pushed me to be a better person, and even though you hurt me in the end, you have made me a stronger person for it. I appreciate the role you played in my life and I wish you the very best in yours.


The girl who will always be there if you ever need her.

Feature Image via weheartit 


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