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Gal-entines Day: the holiday you should be celebrating


Valentines Day is on its way. Soon, couples everywhere will be posting envy-worthy Instagram photos that could cause a mental breakdown followed by a regretful date with a tub of ice cream and your bathtub (jk, no regrets).


But there are plenty of other – non-depressing – ways to spend February the 14th.

My friend Sam’s (shoutout to Sam) birthday just so happens to also be on Valentines Day.


And instead of secluding one’s self with their significant other only to enjoy the sounds of each other’s voice and disappointing gifts, often, we have had full-blown parties.

At these parties, we like to throw around my favourite made up word in the entire world:

Gal-entines Day!

Gal-entines Day is way better than Valentines Day.

What’s so great about Valentines Day? Hm? Gal-entines Day is just as cute as Valentines Day. Gal-entines Day is just as smart as Valentines Day. People totally like Gal-entines Day just as much as they like Valentines Day.

giphy (1).gif

Here are some reasons you should celebrate Gal-entines day instead of Valentines Day.

Gal-entines Day is a celebration of sisterhood. Any excuse to gather your friends and drink some wine is a good excuse in my books. Celebrating your friendships is the best way to keep those friendships alive.


Gal-friends often last longer than boyfriends. This is almost always true. I imagine even after marriage, my gal-friends will still be my source of gossip, the shoulders I cry on and of course who I bitch to about my husband and his annoying habits.


Gal-entines Day is much more fun than Valentines Day. At Gal-entines Day festivities, wine, parties, karaoke, drinking games and friendly competition is encouraged. During Valentines Day activities, you most likely are alone, with one other person, talking about how much you love each other (maybe, idk is that how it works?), yuck! 


So if you’re single (like me) Gal-entines Day is the perfect Hallmark Holiday for you. And, if you suffer from only having friends that are coupled up, you need not worry. 

There’s always room for more gals in my pack.



feature image via tumblr

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