Valentine’s Day activities for single people that don’t suck

Homemade Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza

Krystal here, with another Valentines Day installment. Jess and I are currently sitting in a bakery, blogging away on our laptops and struggling with Internet connection. Surrounding us, the smooth sounds of guitars played by two gentlemen with incredible talent. One of them, my future boyfriend (he just doesn’t know it yet).


As I sit here, fantasizing about my future with long-haired, hipster glasses wearing, guitar playing man, quickly, I realize that this is a dream and I am still very single.


So I’ve come up with some Valentines Day activities that don’t suck that us single people can do this Valentines Day.

Have a movie night. Realistically, Valentines Day is on a Tuesday this year. What. On. Earth. Is there to do on Tuesdays? CHEAP NIGHT! Catch a movie with a friend, or by yourself – if you’re into that. Hell, just put a sad movie on at home and have a good cry if you need. My point is: watch a movie.


Wine tasting. And by wine tasting I mean get some cheese, a bottle of wine, some olives, put everything on a cutting board and plop yourself on a couch. Viola, the best wine tasting experience you’ve ever had.


Fancy dinner for two. One plate for you, one plate also for you. Channel your inner alter-ego, I’m sure she will be just as excited to eat as you will be. Having trouble channeling her? Get drunk. Everyone has a drunk alter-ego. Mine’s name is Tara.


Romantic bath with roses, essentials oils and no one else. Baths are my favourite. Being alone is also my favourite. This is a match made it heaven.


Remember, Valentines Day isn’t just for couples. You are the hardest working person you know. You deserve some TLC too! Show yourself some love and enjoy some “me” time, friend time or bath time this Valentines Day.




feature image via tumblr

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