When you’re the sensitive friend


If there is anything my friends know about me, it’s that I cry at everything

Time after time, day after day, I’m #triggered by happy things, cute things, funny things, mildly sad things, devastating things, extremely sad things… you name it –  I’ve probably cried about it.

I think  (just maybe) crying is my version of therapy. The more I cry, the happier I will be (that’s how it works, right?). Crying is like an emotional cleanse. An emotional juice cleanse. Sans juice, all tears.

empathy + tears = sensitivity

A long time ago, I came to the conclusion, I’m the sensitive friend.

As the sensitive friend, there are a couple things that only other criers will understand. We share a bond like no other. You’re probably crying already reading this because you feel like I understand you (Here’s a virtual tissue. I got chu).

Here are some things that happen when you’re the sensitive friend.

Your non-sensitive friends will roll their eyes at you crying over that three-legged puppy walking down the street.

eye roll.gif


You dread the days your professor plays a sad video in class.



You can’t watch horror movies because you will wake up crying due to the nightmare it will have triggered.



Saying goodbye to someone you care about + driving away, is a recipe for your body to release the tsunami that is your tears. 



Trying to mentally stop yourself from sobbing never actually works so you’re not really sure why you try this. 



When a company decides its a good idea to make sad commercials to sell products. 



And don’t even get us started on Olympic commercials…



Feeling like you should warn someone about this quirk so they know what they’re getting themselves into.



Whatever your triggers, it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Pro tip: Always carry a tissue and stop wiping your tears on that nice sweater of yours. You’re better than that, girlfran.



feature image via tumblr

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