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WTF: 10 thoughts we all had watching the Oscars last night


After months of all the La La Land buzz, emotional scarring from Manchester by the Sea, and feeling feelings I didn’t know I could feel thanks to Moonlight. Last night I sat down with a box of doughnuts (duh) excited to watch the 2017 Academy Awards.

What a show it was, here’s some thoughts we all had watching the Oscars last night:

1. Sunny with a chance of cuteness

This little guy stole our hearts for the second time last night. Sunny Pawar the co-star of the film Lion strutted his stuff on the red carpet last night and man that kid is FREAKEN CUTE. Host Jimmy Kimmel even referred to him as this year’s Jacob Tremblay (accurate statement).


2. Kimmel is killing it

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Jimmy Kimmel hosting this year’s Academy Awards. But the comedian quickly changed my mind with his opening monologue and had me howling along with the crowd. From the Matt Damon jokes to the Meryl is overrated ones – Kimmel really hit the nail on the head this year.


3. We’re off to a good start

The first award, actor in a supporting role was one hell of a category. All five candidates we’re just exquisite. However, the award for best-supporting actor was pretty clear, Mahershala Ali gave an outstanding performance in Moonlight and his Oscar was well deserved.


4. Is Dev Patel single and how do I get his number? 

Not only was Dev Patel’s performance in Lion perfect, beautiful, breathtaking etc. that guy is also dreamy AF. Seriously someone set a girl up.


5. Suicide Squad did not just win an Oscar? We are being punk’d right, Ashton Kutcher where you at?

Arguably one of the most disappointing films of the year managed to win the Oscar for best makeup. Suicide Squad and Leo officially have the same amount of Oscars now.. Yah let that sink in.


6. Gary is a G

When a tourist bus got to crash the Oscars I was seething with jealousy. Talk about right place at the right time!!!! Gary I hope that selfie with Mahershala Ali is your profile picture for the rest of your life.


7. Casey is that even you??? 

No one was surprised when Casey Affleck was awarded the Oscar for best actor. I mean did you SEE Manchester by the Sea? But his appearance certainly did come as a shock to many of us.



The competition for best actress was another insanely talented category. The Oscar went to Emma Stone for her performance in La La Land and was well deserved. Stone’s humble speech showed all of us how she truly is beautiful inside and out.



When Warren Beatty announced the Oscar for best motion picture as La La Land and was then corrected half way through the producer’s speech as Moonlight as the true winner everyone was extremely confused. How did this happen AGAIN!? Steve Harvey 2.0.


10. Poor Kimmel

Kimmel felt extremely bad, apologizing for the mix up and stating “I knew I would mess this up somehow.” Jimmy Kimmel proved to be a perfect host all night, to have something go so wrong with the LAST award was disappointing.


All in all this year’s academy awards was one of the most talented, and entertaining in Oscars history and I enjoyed every second of it. But can we start a petition to have them start earlier next year? Seriously I’m sure I am not the only one falling asleep at my desk right now.


-XOXO 15942217_10210258328608292_914576181_n

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