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Here’s why a manicure is worth every cent, every time


Sometimes we have to make choices in life. Often this comes in the form of what to spend our hard earned money onTo some, throwing $40 at a manicure every month or so seems unreasonable.

Let me tell you why it is the best money you will ever spend.
  1. You are investing in yourself. Treat yourself, you deserve it. A fresh set of nails can make you feel like you can conquer the world (because you can).


  2. It adds to your image. Having your nails done makes you look like you have your shit together even if you most certainly do not have your shit togetherWhen you meet new people, at school, work or socially the first thing they see is your hand when you reach out for an introductory handshake. Make a good impression (and PLEASE do not be one of those people with cringe-worthy cuticles).


  3. You are setting aside some much needed “me” time. It is an hour or so where you can shut the world out and feel pampered. Nail technicians will sit in silence, chat with you, compliment you (even if it is part of their job – take it, you look fab). They can quite literally put your broken pieces / nails back together.
  4. A chance to express yourself. If you are an all black everything type of gal- grab some black claws that make you feel unstoppable. If you love pink but dying your hair is a little too much – bright pink nails will do! The possibilities are truly endless, darling.


  5. Even on days where your life seems a mess…. your nails have your back! Maybe your hair isn’t cooperating today or you are running a little late. Your nails look great gf – lets just focus on that.


  6. Speaking of which, you are bound to get compliments for weeks to come on your mani! Soak it in.
  7. You are always prepared. Invited to a posh social event last minute? Your nails already look great, throw on your LBD, some lipstick and you are good to go.
  8. CELEBRATE. There is truly a mani for every occasion. Celebrate the holidays with some red nails, your birthday with sparkles, the coming of spring with a light peach. Celebrate everything and anything.

At the end of the day, you will never be upset looking down at your beautiful nails. Someone may even ask to take a picture of your hands. Work it!


*shout out to HipHop Nails Barrie*



feature image via tumblr

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