How to get out of a funk


Truth bomb. 

We here at Single & Starving were in a little bit of a funk last month. Sometimes, inspiration is lacking, you can’t think of anything to write about and all you want is some mindless entertainment provided by Netflix while you devour a bag of popcorn. This is what you call, a rut. There are many forms of ruts but one thing I know is that most of the time, they are short lived.

Ruts come and go. They can be triggered by almost anything. Menstruating? Rut. Break a nail? Rut. Ate too much and now your stomach hurts and you don’t want to go to the gym? Big rut.

But, there are a few tips and tricks I’ve found have helped me get out of funks / ruts / whatever you want to call them, decently quick.

1.  Binge watch your favourite comedy. Do not. I repeat, DO NOT, turn on Grey’s Anatomy and cry your way through season 6. This will result in a continuation of your rut. You need some laughter in your life right about now. Some suggestions? Friends (naturally), Schitts Creek (Canadian GOLD, tbh), Letterkenny (Another Canadian gem) or your favourite reality trash!!


2. Lock yourself in your room and have yourself a dance party. See why here.

ed helms dancing

3. Allow yourself to indulge on that favourite meal you deprive yourself of because it’s less than healthy. It’s okay to not eat clean 100% of the time, friend. You deserve a treat every once in a while. Grab that ice cream and go ham. While you watch your favourite comedy of course.

eatings cake

4. Do something you used to love doing as a teenager/child/whatever. Did you use to draw? Grab some pencils and a sketch book and let your inner 14-year old draw whatever her heart desires. Sometimes the best thing for your mood is allowing yourself to be creative without judgment. Do you want to draw Disney characters all over your notebook without someone thinking you’re actually 10? Do it. It’s good for you.

deadpool drawing

5. Meditate. I hope I haven’t lost you yet because this one is important. I know to some who have yet to experience the wonderful world that is yoga this may seem strange but, trust me. Close your door, put down a yoga mat / blanket / pillow, get some candles, turn off the lights and turn on some tranquility sounds (YouTube is full of them) and just focus on your breathing. Allow your mind to clear and get in a comfy position. The feeling you will experience afterward is incredible.

namaste bitches

I hope that these tips help you if you’re feeling a little down. In the dead of winter, ruts are bound to happen. Remember that they are short-lived and that now you have an excuse to do something you love, something fun or something new.

The sun don’t shine every day – but you can (that was too cheesy, I immediately regret that, I am sorry, goodbye).




feature image via tumblr

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