Pros and cons of online dating


The amount of dating apps and websites that exist today is insane. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish,, are there others? Of course there are.

Though I wouldn’t say I’ve ever paid for a dating service, I have definitely used a couple of the above apps mentioned above. And, although online dating gets a bad rep, I think there are definitely benefits to dating apps and websites.

My parents have always encouraged me to make pros and con lists when I’m uncertain about something (I’m sure they’ll love that I’m using their practices in the online dating sphere of things). Since I seem to be in the realm of deleting and re-adding apps like Tinder and Bumble from my phone, I’ve decided this is beneficial not only for you but also for me (selfish, I know).



Let’s start with the cons:

1. It’s inorganic. Meeting someone online isn’t the romantic comedy you wish your life would be. Everyone is so consumed with their lives digitally that they forget to take the time out of their day to experience their surroundings. A relationship formed online isn’t everyone’s ideal love story.

2. Endless choices. The number of people participating in online dating is basically limitless. Which is great but also not so great. Have a bad conversation with someone and don’t know how to recover from a controversial joke gone wrong? Don’t worry, someone else is just a swipe away! The more choices, the harder it is to settle. I guess when you know, you know. But how do you actually know, ya know?


3. Danger. This sounds so silly but it’s a thing! You could be meeting with a total creep. Make sure you’re meeting people in open spaces with lots of people around if you are online dating. BE SMART.

On to the pros:

1. It’s convenient. You can use online dating services or dating apps literally anywhere. Not only that, but we are all so busy. Take me for example. I go to school four of seven days a week. I attend things to help develop my personal career (talks/conferences at school, informational interviews, etc.). I need my own time to go to the gym, work on this blog, do school work, and so much more. Honestly, I’m surprised I even have time to see my friends. Online dating makes meeting people portable. HOW CONVENIENT IS THAT?!

2. It’s hilarious. Anyone who says Tinder messages aren’t hilarious is lying. Because you’re not saying something right to someone’s face, often, messages you receive are down-right insane. There are the occasional offensive messages. But, for the majority of the time, the hilarious messages out number the offensive messages.


3. It’s unconventional. Chances of a handsome stranger hitting you with their car, apologizing by taking you out for dinner and falling madly in love with you are slim (mind you, they do happen). Online dating gives you the convenience you need without having to change your daily life around to meet someone. Nowadays, everyone is on their phones in public anyways. You have better chances of meeting someone online than in person.

4. It helps you figure out exactly what you want. And what you need, what you’re looking for, and most importantly, what you’re not looking for. Going on dates with so many different people from so many walks of life is a good way to figure out what you want. If you haven’t had many long-term relationships in your life (like me), it’s hard to know what you’re looking for in a second-half. The casualness of online dating is a good place to figure that out, in my opinion.

Online dating can be super fun. You can meet people you would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise. It can also be a hassle. I honestly don’t know whether I think it’s a good idea or not. I just don’t know. But I think it’s about time for me to re-download Tinder.




Feature image via weheartit

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