An open letter to the ‘intimidating’ girl

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Hi hon,

I know sometimes you feel out of place and I’m here to tell you why. You see, you have tremendous potential, the kind of potential everyone else can see. You are focused and determined and have ambitions that stretch further than how many likes your selfies gets on Instagram. Guess what, everyone around you sees your greatness, it radiates from you in everything you do. I know it can sometimes feel like you’re different, but it’s a good different.

We live in a world where denying a compliment is considered to be polite. Texting a guy first is practically forbidden and women who stay single for years (gasp) are questioned. But you reject these norms, you don’t accept them. I know it seems like all your friends get the boys and you’re left thinking that you aren’t enough. She must have something you don’t. Well, my dear, it’s not true. You are strong, you are selfless, you are kind, and maybe she is too, but it’s the way that you carry yourself that makes you different. 

You hold your head high and your
expectations higher.


So no, it’s not because she is prettier than you. No, it’s not because of your hair, height, or weight. It’s because of your personality and even though you may not see it, these boys do and it scares the hell out of them. Instead of making yourself smaller for these boys and their fragile egos, you make yourself bigger – confidence radiating in all that you do.

So never apologize. Never apologize for other’s misunderstanding of who you are. Refusing to be taken-for-granted by someone does not equate to carelessness. Refusing to suffer in self-pity and insecurity does not equate to haughtiness.

Never apologize for confidence, and never apologize for authenticity. You have something special to contribute to the world and you understand it requires embracing your talents and skills that are unique to you.

Surround yourself with people who’s confidence mirrors your own, people who lift you up and want to make you feel bigger, not smaller. One day you’re going to find someone who’s greatness parallels your own. One day you’re going to be successful, and so grateful you never changed anything about yourself for a boy who’s ego couldn’t handle you.

One last thing hun, I want you to know you aren’t intimidating, others are just intimidated. You are strong, smart, capable and beautiful on the inside and out.

Love always,

An intimidating girl


Feature Image via @camillalarouch 

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