Hey, can we go thrift shopping?

As a young female with a passion for shopping working her way through school, I sometimes struggle to feed my shopping addiction because life gets in the way. I can’t always afford new clothes, I get tired of new trends (I like to think I’m more of a leader than a follower), and I also don’t always enjoy paying a lot of money just because it has a brand name.

Yes, I have a shopping addiction but I have found a way to feed it in a healthy way and as a generous person, I am here to share my secrets with you. So how does one get a whole new wardrobe while paying bills, living off of minimum wage and still trying to look cool? Why we go thrift shopping!

Second-hand shopping is not for everyone but if you have a few hours to spend (because trust me, it can take up your whole day), then I suggest you try it out; you might be surprised by what you find.
Here are a few reasons why second-hand shopping is the way to go:

1. Affordable


On average, used products are generally 50 per cent cheaper – meaning you can get more for less. So instead of buying one shirt at Guess, you can spend the same for a shirt, jeans and a pair of shoes.

2. Quality


You can see what products have quality since most of the merchandise has already been broken in. This will show you how long certain brands really last!

3. Brand names

If you’re one of those people who love brand names, you can find those second-hand too but for way less! You can wear the brand and no one would even know you paid half the price.

4. The community


The money spent in second-hand stores stays in the community and helps local businesses thrive. Need I say more?

5. New merchandise


Second-hand shops usually get new items daily which means you’ll always have something new to look at and most of which are new styles.

6. The hunt

Thrift stores are always full of the unknown. You search and search until you find a diamond in the rough. This process can be exhilarating and very rewarding.
Shopping is an essential part of our economy, and truly, I’m just trying to help businesses become successful by indulging in my tiny shopping addiction. Thrift shopping is good for you, the environment and the community, so why not help a little while also getting something in return?




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