Why everyone hates you when you’re 23

Good morning friends. I was sitting in bed last night, thinking about the past year and reminiscing about my 23rd year of life. Since my better-half (Jess, duh!) has just entered her 23rd year of life and in a couple short months I will have completed mine, I thought I would share some insight on what it’s like being 23.

You know the iconic Blink 182 lyric, “Nobody likes you when you’re 23”? It’s true. But – for good reason.

Let me explain…

1. The bank/grocery store/laundry mat/landlord that is Mom and Dad. 


Yes, I have lived by myself. Sure, I can cook a mean dinner. And obviously, I am capable of maintaining a hygienic routine that has allowed me to keep a decent social circle. However, I’d be lying if I said I knew how to do my taxes, was comfortable making appointments and felt like I wasn’t getting ripped off every time I tried to get an oil change. I truly don’t know what I would have done without my parents throughout year 23 (and I know plenty of you don’t know either). Sorry, Mom and Dad.

2. The constant struggle: Feeling too old at bars but too young to stay in.


Don’t get me wrong. I am more on the introverted side than many would assume. I enjoy my alone time and all my friends can attest to this. But lord. have. mercy. I cannot spend more than two weekends in a row alone in my apartment watching Netflix. However, I also can’t spend every weekend going out to bars with kids born in 1998. I am too old for that. We are too old for that. Our body’s are too old for that (see #3).

3. The hangovers and the people you annoy when you’re hungover.


Don’t ever try to make breakfast / brunch / lunch or even dinner plans with me when I’m hungover. This 23-year-old body cannot handle liquor like it used to. If you need me I’ll be complaining to everyone I’m hungover and hugging the toilet for the next 12 hours.

4. Your employers.


When you’re looking for a way into that career you thought you’d aim for so you drop your “this will only be temporary” job as fast as you can, with short notice and then come back begging for a job when you realized that career is harder to jump into than you thought. Like that run-on sentence? There’s more where that came from. Hire me.

5. The cosmos inevitably working against you. 


Did you think it would take five years to finish your undergrad? Did that curve ball life throw you get you way off track? Think it would be this hard to lose the freshman 30 (Yah, 30)? Well, strap in kids. When you’re 23, you think you’ll have it all figured out. You won’t. You’ll be full of broken promises and empty wallets. When you’re 23, nothing goes according to plan. You will, however, be a pro at negotiating loans from the bank of Mom and Dad at this point.

All of these heartaches will take you back to the good old days of teenage angst and temper tantrums. You will hate most things and want to drink away your sorrows. There will be good days, but mostly bad days.

Don’t worry, 24 is just around the corner. I will be sure to report back in one years time and let you know how that’s going for me.





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