5 reasons why being single in the summer is the BEST

The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, this signifies one very important thing: summer is right around the corner. For us single 20-somethings it seems like the major concern summer brings with its arrival is finding a Nicholas Sparks-worthy romance, right? WRONGSummer is by far the best season to be single; heres why:

1. The weather forces you to shave your legs AKA you feel sexy ALL THE TIME.


No more amazon woman status leg hair (which I obviously never do for like the entire winter or anything OBVIOUSLY). Sunshine means mens shirts, shorts skirts, oh, oh, oh….. Which also means shaved legs, so what better time to get your flirt on!?!?

2. You can have a summer fling (or five).


Who’s feeling a little summer lovin’?!

3. You don’t have to worry about sharing a bed with anyone in the sweltering heat.


I mean, I don’t know about you but for me I could spoon in a fu*king igloo at the height of Winter, and still GET TOO WARM. Single + Summertime = your bed is your own!  Pillow-flips and leg-over-blanket tucks are entirely at your own discretion MAN OH MAN HOW LIBERATING!!

4. Wedding Season. 


Hitting all those weddings without a +1 might seem like the single gal’s nightmare, but actually it couldn’t be a better place for making eyes at cute guys. Tanned dudes in suits? Oh, if you insist.

5. It’s all about YOU. 


Ultimately, being single in summer rules because it’s all about doing exactly what you want. There’s never a better time to make last minute plans – even if all they involve is an afternoon spent misting water into a fan and pretending you’re a Kardashian.

Summer = freedom and being single means your freedom is doubled. You’re free to do whatever you please and spend your time however you want. Cheers to singledom this summer


Feature image via @betches 

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