The thing you need to realize about time in your twenties

For those of us newly embarking into adulthood our early twenties can feel like completely uncharted territory (because it is) and the inkling of starting over can be daunting and overwhelming. Everything you’ve been building toward your entire life suddenly doesn’t matter as much as you once thought it would. We’re left feeling lost and uncertain about so many different aspect of our lives.

But here’s one thing we never seem to take into consideration: We have so much time. I don’t mean we have time to put things off, because we don’t. I mean we have the time to do the things we think we don’t have the time to do:

We have time to be patient.

There is time to learn and grow into the people we want to be. Things don’t happen over night and we have the time wait. We have time to figure out what we’re doing and who we want to be.

We have time to move on from those who hurt us.

And we have time to find people who treat us better. We have time to fall in love. We have time to not settle, and time to find someone who compliments ourselves. Don’t let the progress of others affect or hinder yours. Sometimes people get there a little quicker than others and that’s okay.

We have time to try new things.

There’s plenty of time to see the world. Time to go on adventures and meet new people. Time to push ourselves outside our comfort zone.

We have time to heal what is broken. 

We have time to put our pride aside and mend our wounds. We have time admit we’re not okay and we have time to forgive. We have time to move on. 

We have time to make a difference.

We have the time to make a positive impact on others. 

We have time for uncertainty.

We don’t have to have all the answers right now. We have time to breathe.

We have time to be honest with one another.

There’s time to tell each other how we feel and to not be sorry about it. Be unapologetic, but don’t be brutal. We have time to not worry about things that are beyond our control.

We have time to be selfish.

Life is short. We have time to figure things out for ourselves. This isn’t about procrastination. I’m not saying that we have time to put things off; I’m saying that we have time to do the things we want to do with the people we want to do them with when we want to do them. We have time.




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