Single & Starving is a website for millennials written and run by two ambitious, single, (and vegetarian) millennial women – Jessica and Krystal.

J & K here: we are just your average 20-something girls trying to navigate through a generation plagued by Tinder, Netflix & chill and f*ckbois (see urbandictionary.com).

Here’s the thing: we can’t decide if this is a singles blog, lifestyle blog, or humour blog. Let’s just say we could easily cry about being single and broke, but we’ve decided to laugh instead. Our hope is that you do too.

We are postgraduate students, classmates, and besties studying Public Relations in Toronto, Ont. We hope this blog will provide Generation-Y gals, like ourselves, the discussion they need whether it be a much-needed laugh, a comforting shoulder to cry on or a motivational voice promising you everything is going to be okay. We hope you enjoy the trials and tribulations of two young, motivated, sassy, single & starving girls!